Glass Restoration Gives New Life to Stained Windows

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Glass Restoration Gives New Life to Stained Windows

Owner and President of Scottie’s, John McGrath, is an expert in the business of glass restoration. He was honored and happy to oblige, when the folks at High Rise Facilities Magazine asked him to share his knowledge on the subject. Although it’s preferable and less costly to maintain windows with a regular cleaning schedule, there is still another option to costly replacement if they do become marred with permanent stains. Click the following link to read the full article on how glass restoration gives new life to stained windows. Glass-Restoration-Gives-New-Life

Scottie’s Super Heroes Make N&O Favorites For 2013

The Raleigh News and Observer has come out with its list of favorite photos from 2013 and Scottie’s super heroes made the cut! Our window cleaning crew donned super hero costumes and visited the patients at WakeMed Children’s Hospital in Raleigh. Spiderman, Iron Man and Batman, rappelled down the building and made an appearance outside the windows of the children’s ward, to the delight of patients, parents and hospital staff. The N&O was there to cover the story and took some pretty cool photos. Scottie’s is delighted that we made the top picks for 2013. You can view all the N&O faves from this past year here:

Scottie’s Glass Restoration Process

Unprotected concrete and precast leaching excess minerals onto glass is the number one cause of mineral deposit stains. Scottie’s has a process that can help. Scottie’s Glass Restoration Process The precast is cleaned and then treated with a specialized sealer that helps mitigate recurring stains. The glass is cleaned with specialized restorative rubbing compound (similar to waxing a car) and then sealed. A final cleaning of the building is performed, leaving the building in pristine condition. A preventive maintenance program is established to keep the building looking and performing optimally. Windows showing before and after Glass Restoration Restoration Return on Investment Return the building to its pristine condition. Prevent or reduce permanent damage that cannot be restored if stains and deposits continue to accumulate. Avoid increased restoration costs caused by stains that continue to worsen. Demonstrate thorough building care and maintenance. Satisfy and attract tenants, employees and future property investors. Avoid unexpected cost in a due diligence report when a sale of the building is pending.   The following excerpt is in the “BOMA International Guide to Exterior Maintenance Management”.  Author, Marc Fischer, MBA, CPM, RPA, CCIM, is Sr VP and Director of Management Services for Transwestern. “A building specific window washing program is not only necessary to increase immediate aesthetic appeal, but also to mitigate the onset of window stains on the window’s exterior surfaces. Window stains can take many different forms, but they can easily be identified when, after a regularly scheduled maintenance window washing, the windows remain with either a foggy appearance or heavy amounts of spotting or streaking.” “Absent an aggressive window washing maintenance program, the building will more than likely develop some form of stains more rapidly than those that regularly wash their windows.”

Scottie’s Super Heroes Appear At WakeMed

Window cleaners at Scottie’s rose to new heights when they appeared to children and families at WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh dressed as super heroes. The crews at Scottie’s have never shied away from a challenging job and they handled this special project like pros. Candelario Aleman (Iron Man), Marcos Medrano (Spiderman) and Gerardo Guzman (Batman) donned costumes and rappelled outside the children’s ward windows to give the young patients a super spectacle and a sight to remember. Inside, the children reacted with excitement. Those who could reach touched the glass to give the nearest crime fighter a finger tip high five. The costumed window cleaners responded to the event as all in a day’s work. In typical super hero fashion, Marcos, Gerardo and Candelario are men of few words. They quietly go about the business of scaling tall buildings and doing super jobs. Scottie’s Assistant Controller, Allie MacDonagh, is not one to call attention to herself. But she overcame her natural shyness to become Supergirl for the day. Once she saw how the children responded to the super heroes’ appearance, it was all about the excitement and the smiles. After visiting one little boy, Allie turned as she walked down the hallway to see him peeking out of his room. With a big smile on his face, he waved goodbye to the female crime fighters. She was especially touched when the “Super Men” appeared outside the upper lobby windows where patients and family members were gathered. “The children’s eyes lit up when the super heroes initially rappelled into sight, which is something I will always remember.” Scottie’s Contract Administrator, Dakota Gatehouse, is wonderful at what she does because she’s actually Wonder Woman in disguise. Dakota had great things to […]
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    Stains Off – Sealer On: Get the Most from Glass Restoration

Stains Off – Sealer On: Get the Most from Glass Restoration

If you are experiencing difficulty keeping the windows of your facility clean, it may be something more than just dirty build-up.  Find out how glass restoration can make a significant difference in the appearance of your building. Window surfaces are not perfectly flat although they may look so to the naked eye. Window glass consists of microscopic crests and crevices that allow mineral deposits, dirt and pollution to become deeply embedded. Deposits occur whenever foreign minerals are introduced to glass such as hard water, lime or petroleum. If left on the glass for a period of time, these deposits can actually bond to the glass. Once bonding occurs, it takes special attention and treatment to insure that the glass will not become permanently damaged. There are products on the market that claim to remove stains “with easy on and off application”. These products typically use some form of acid to do the job. Although they may break the chemical bond and release the stain, if applied too strongly, they can do irreversible damage to the glass. The acids in some glass restoration products are designed to etch and can cause permanent damage upon application if used improperly. They have also been known to harm the caulking around the windows, corrode the aluminum frames and in some cases kill nearby plants. A commercial biodegradable hard water mineral stain removal system successfully removes stains with no harm to the glass or any of the elements surrounding it. And because it is water soluble, once rinsed with water it becomes completely neutralized. There is no acidic residue left on the glass to do further harm. And the reflective qualities of the glass, important to UV filtration, remain intact. The glass is […]

Stained Windows: Restoration vs Replacement

When deep stains on glass cannot be removed by conventional cleaning methods, restoration may be a viable option.  It’s a choice that can save facility and property managers precious budget dollars. Windows are arguably the most important architectural feature of a building.  They play a significant role in design and appearance and have been found to contribute to the health, satisfaction and productivity levels of a building’s occupants.   The condition of vast expanses of glass surfaces in commercial buildings matters.  It can make as much of an impression on visitors, tenants and passers-by as that of the landscaping, walkways and other architectural features. Glass on some buildings can take up over half the exterior building surface.  If those expanses appear dingy or stained, it could have a considerable effect on the overall appearance of the building.  Regular cleaning of the windows helps keep your property as pristine looking as possible and can prevent stains caused by mineral deposits that leach from concrete walls, acid rain, airborne pollutants or the oxidation of metal window frames. If a regular cleaning cycle does not prove to be ample protection, it may be necessary to restore the glass.  When it rains, minerals from unprotected/unsealed precast can leach out and over the windows.  When the water evaporates trace minerals leave a “stained” look on the window.  Mineral deposits are often prevalent on the first floor where hard water is sprayed on to the glass daily while the irrigation system is in operation.  The minerals become deeply ingrained in a short time.  They cannot be removed with conventional cleaning methods, eventually creating permanent damage.  It’s important to chemically remove the mineral deposit stains from the glass as well as treat the root cause of the staining.  Applying […]