Unprotected concrete and precast leaching excess minerals onto glass is the number one cause of mineral deposit stains. Scottie’s has a process that can help.

Scottie’s Glass Restoration Process

  1. The precast is cleaned and then treated with a specialized sealer that helps mitigate recurring stains.
  2. The glass is cleaned with specialized restorative rubbing compound (similar to waxing a car) and then sealed.
  3. A final cleaning of the building is performed, leaving the building in pristine condition.
  4. A preventive maintenance program is established to keep the building looking and performing optimally.
    Windows showing before and after Glass Restoration

Restoration Return on Investment

  1. Return the building to its pristine condition.
  2. Prevent or reduce permanent damage that cannot be restored if stains and deposits continue to accumulate.
  3. Avoid increased restoration costs caused by stains that continue to worsen.
  4. Demonstrate thorough building care and maintenance.
  5. Satisfy and attract tenants, employees and future property investors.
  6. Avoid unexpected cost in a due diligence report when a sale of the building is pending.


The following excerpt is in the “BOMA International Guide to Exterior Maintenance Management”.  Author, Marc Fischer, MBA, CPM, RPA, CCIM, is Sr VP and Director of Management Services for Transwestern.

“A building specific window washing program is not only necessary to increase immediate aesthetic appeal, but also to mitigate the onset of window stains on the window’s exterior surfaces. Window stains can take many different forms, but they can easily be identified when, after a regularly scheduled maintenance window washing, the windows remain with either a foggy appearance or heavy amounts of spotting or streaking.”

“Absent an aggressive window washing maintenance program, the building will more than likely develop some form of stains more rapidly than those that regularly wash their windows.”