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Routine maintenance helps protect your facility’s aesthetic value while defending your capital investment from damage and deterioration. At Scottie’s, we approach every project as your partner in protecting your property’s value. From initial to final inspection, and cleaning the first window to spotting the first signs of erosion in a hidden corner, we push ourselves to be your eyes off the ground— usually way off!


Inspections— always free

Regular inspections can prevent small concerns from becoming larger expenses. We invite you to take advantage of our free inspection offer applied to your exterior glass, building façades, and parking structures. After inspecting your property from top to bottom, we will provide you with a comprehensive briefing of our findings— including photo documentation, materials required, and relative urgency— along with cost-effective options for your budgeting process.


Budgeting— manageable

Budgeting and scheduling work can be a challenge. At Scottie’s, we’re committed to streamlining a cleaning program that fits within your budget and ensures minimal disruption. Whether you prefer to schedule and budget maintenance well ahead of time, or want more flexibility, we’ll always respond to your needs.