Exterior Metal Maintenance

Exterior Metal Maintenance.

PLEASE – call us before you consider painting exterior metal surfaces!
Property managers and facility engineers are accustomed to budgeting funds in order to maintain the interior architectural metal features of their buildings, i.e. escalators, elevator cabs, door handles, trim, and other interior polished architectural metal elements. Keeping the metal elements clean and pristine makes a great impression on tenants and visitors while protecting the owner’s investment.

The exterior metal features on buildings need a regular maintenance program as well. However, property managers are sometimes forced to choose which maintenance projects to include, or not to include, in their annual budgets. They often believe that skipping regular care for the exterior metal (which is less noticeable than that of the interior polished metals) is a harmless place to cut costs. But if years go by with little to no exterior metal maintenance those surfaces are susceptible to atmospheric deterioration.

Exterior metal surfaces, if neglected, are susceptible to pitting and oxidizing caused by atmospheric pollution and ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

If the metal is left to the elements for too long, costly painting is the only answer. Yet all this can be avoided—and we’re happy to say that an exterior metal maintenance program of main entranceways, atriums and other high visibility areas is relatively inexpensive.

In most cases, Scottie’s can restore these metals with specialized metal cleaning compounds that also leave a protective sealer. We can remove years of damaging residue from the anodized aluminum frames and anodic finished panels. With a preventive maintenance program established, the exterior metal curtain wall will shine for years to come. Property owners can be assured that their investment is being protected.