Glass Restoration

Glass Restoration.

Glass is perhaps the most versatile element in architecture.  It is also the most noticeable, often consuming well over half of a building’s exterior surface. Glass maintenance is important for aesthetic purposes but, equally important, it can protect and enhance the value of your property.

When cleaning alone won’t bring back the sparkle, call on Scottie’s restoration and sealing experts.

Glass Restoration & Sealing.

Window glass is not perfectly flat, although it may look so to the naked eye.  A glass surface consists of microscopic crests and crevices that allow mineral deposits, dirt and air-borne pollutants to become deeply embedded.  It is a porous substance that requires substantial maintenance to keep its sparkle and its UV protective qualities. The most prevalent contributors of mineral deposit stains are the minerals from misguided irrigation heads on the lower areas of a building; and minerals leaching out of unsealed precast on the upper floors. In both cases the minerals are transported onto the glass and frames by water. Irrigation systems do not filter high mineral content water. Water that has been sprinkled onto lower level windows eventually evaporates, leaving behind trace minerals that become embedded into the glass. Natural and manmade precast building facades contain similar mineral content. Moisture from rain showers and early morning dew leaches the minerals out of the precast allowing it to run onto glass surfaces. Once again, the precipitation evaporates, leaving behind harmful mineral deposits.

Scottie’s Glass Restoration Program is a safe and effective method for restoring your glass, and mitigating reoccurring stains:

  • The glass and frames are treated to safely remove the deeply embedded mineral deposit stains.
  • A polymer sealer (an industrial form of Rainex) is applied to the glass.
  • The precast is pressure washed in preparation for a sealer application.
  • A breathable, Teflon-like sealer is applied to the precast to help mitigate the recurrence of mineral deposit stains.