Pressure Washing

Effective commercial pressure washing services

Scottie’s uses the latest in pressure washing technology, both with and without chemical injection, to bring new life to exterior surfaces for clients across the Southeast. Commercial property managers, business and government offices, schools, hospitals and industrial clients regularly call on us to safely remove:

  • dirt
  • grease and oil residue
  • black rundown
  • mold, mildew and algae stains
  • rust
  • chewing gum

and other stubborn stains associated with age and atmospheric pollution. Improving the look of a property can be as simple as a professional pressure washing treatment. Products and procedures at Scottie’s have evolved to meet environmentally sensitive standards that have developed over the years.  We collect contaminated water, treat and dispose of it in accordance to Local, State and Federal laws. See the difference Scottie’s pressure washing services can make on your facility:

  • sidewalks
  • curbing
  • parking decks
  • building façades
  • loading dock areas
  • trash pad sites
  • awnings