Safety & Training Programs

We are committed to providing our employees and our clients with a safe work environment. Our area of expertise takes us into workplaces that are literally above the norm, and we take many steps to ensure that we comply with any and all regulations that are associated with what we do.


Education and Training

We believe that education must be at the epicenter of a safety program and that all workers are entitled to proper training. Our crews go through mandatory monthly in-house safety training classes, as well as training to receive OSHA and IWCA certifications. In addition, we draw upon industry expertise by utilizing guest presenters and take advantage of courses offered by industry partners.

When it comes to safety in the workplace, we consider our clients to be our partners. We share our industry-setting manual with building owners and property managers as well as training documentation deemed to be crucial as a guide to what we do and how we train our workers.

There are several standards and regulations that govern the aspects of our trade. In November 2016, OSHA published the final ruling of “Subpart D – Walking-Working Surfaces.” The new OSHA ruling has raised a greater awareness level of the hazards faced by window cleaning professionals. The ruling is based on the last recent standard — the ANSI/IWCA I.14.1 Window Cleaning Standard. Scottie’s played an instrumental role in developing and advocating for the criteria in the ANSI I.14.1 and believe industry regulations such as these are imperative in keeping everyone safe. Not only do we take the time needed to educate all those connected with our industry; we also partner with other entities to ensure our clients have all the tools needed to become compliant. If you have questions regarding the new OSHA ruling check out these FAQs and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time!

Each person shall be responsible for their own well-being but all levels of the company take ownership of our safety program. Our management performs pre-work job hazard assessments and each employee inspects their equipment and the jobsite. Our managers and supervisors ensure that the work runs smoothly. To maintain compliance, and coordination of our safety initiatives, we have a dedicated full-time Safety Director. In addition to teaching the safety classes administered in-house (in English and Spanish), our director performs daily jobsite inspections making certain that no hazards, faulty equipment, or possible infractions are present at jobsites.

Fall Protection

Scottie’s personnel all know the importance of proper fall protection, all the time; from top level management down to our newest employee. Adequate fall protection is a matter of life and death; whether working at great heights or from a ladder. Scottie’s employees comply 100% of the time with fall protection regulations. This gives our clients’ peace of mind and our employees a sense of security on every job.